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UK Employment Issues

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

We have been contacted by an increasing number of job seekers describing unfair tactics used by some employers in order to reduce headcount post Covid.

These include:

  • Raising performance/competence issues to justify dismissal without conforming to ACAS Disciplinary Code of Practice.

  • Targeting employees who have been ill with Covid during the pandemic and who still have Long Covid health concerns.

  • Hasty actions to circumvent the 2-year service criteria for employees to make unfair dismissal claims to Employment Tribunals.

As the UK Government funded furlough arrangements begin to wind down (due to end completely on 30th September), some unscrupulous employers are trying to reduce headcount as quickly as they can, risking making unfair dismissals.

If you are affected by this type of action, you can obtain free advice from ACAS, you will find contact details at the website.

If you have been made aware of similar issues or have been affected directly, we should be pleased if you would share your experience.

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