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Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll!

Here are some potential disciplinary scenarios, imagine you are the Human Resources Manager of the organisations concerned, what actions would you take?

Case 1

A male employee (aged 18) in the warehouse approaches a female colleague (aged 20) and makes a derogatory remark about her genitals.

The female employee chooses to report the matter to one of your female HR Officers, who comes to you for advice.

What action do you recommend?

Case 2

You are asked to attend a meeting with your CEO and Sales Director. At the meeting the CEO reports that the CEO of the Company’s biggest customer has alleged that a female sales executive employed by your business has offered and provided sexual favours to male purchasing/contract managers within the customers organisation in return for signed sales orders. One such employee she approached turned whistle blower.

The Sales Director estimates from sales records, that this may have affected 5 large orders she obtained in the last 12 months – total value over £1m.

Your CEO has committed to investigate and resolve the matter and report back to the CEO of the customer organisation.

What action do you recommend?

Case 3

A highly recommended young sales executive joins the business and, as for all employees, goes through a medical with your in-house Occupational Health Dept on his first day.

This includes a routine urine test which detects high levels of opiates in the sales execs sample.

The Company Doctor comes to your office and gives you evidence of the test result.

The individual is set to join your direct sales team which will involve UK company car travel of up to 30,000 miles business per annum.

What do you?

Case 4

A software development engineer within your engineering department, is a member of a 5 piece rock band which is enjoying local success. They have even played at your Social Club events and have a strong local and growing regional following.

However, his musical talents are beginning to interfere with and affect his work, both in terms of accuracy and output and he was recently found asleep at his computer one afternoon.

How would you deal with this situation?

All these scenarios are based on real situations.

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